Texas Prison Museum - Huntsville, Texas

May 24, 2019

A vacation doesn't always have to be a major endeavor with a plane ride or long road trip. Some of the best times I've had are on little day trips I've taken to local Texas cities. After my Amarillo trip I was itching to get back out there and sight see but my next major vacation wasn't until July so I decided to check out some of the major points of interest in a little town not far from where I live called Huntsville. If the name sounds familiar it's because it's home to Sam Houston State University and some of the most unique museums I've been to. First on the list and a must for anyone visiting Huntsville is The Texas Prison Museum.

Texas has always had a reputation for being a major proponent of the death penalty. One of the major death row prisons in the country is right here in Huntsville with many famous prisoners entering the facility throughout its history including the infamous murder duo Bonnie and Clyde. The Texas Prison museum gives visitors a glimpse into the prison system and to see what life in prison is like for a prisoner. The many exhibits include a jail cell, weapons confiscated by guards (contraband), and prison art created by men and women who have many hours on their hands to be creative. All I can say is some of these prisoners were really talented and I hope when and if they got released they decided to use this talent for a good cause.

There are two things unique to The Texas Prison Museum. One is the exhibit on the prison rodeo. My dad was actually telling me the history of the rodeo on our way to the museum and how prisoners were allowed to compete in rodeo style competitions with spectators paying to watch. It was nice to see the history of the rodeo so well depicted in the museum. Too bad the rodeo was cancelled. It would have been something worthwhile to see I'm sure. The second thing unique to this museum is "Old Sparky". This is the actual electric chair that was used in hundreds of executions over the years it was in use. You can't get close to the chair. It is in a highly secured area and alarms will sound if you jump the barrier. I don't see why anyone would want to touch it anyway. I got a creepy feeling just looking at it and actually felt my chest tightening and I couldn't breathe. I know not everyone believes in spirits but there is something evil tied to that chair and I honestly don't care to ever lay eyes on it again. But don't take my word for it. If you are in Huntsville go to the museum and stand by this exhibit for a few minutes and tell me if you feel anything. Maybe it's just me....

At the end of our tour I grabbed a T shirt from the gift shop and thanked the ladies at the front counter (It's a southern thing). If you're looking for a unique museum or just a way to kill a couple of hours while in Huntsville then this is a must for you. There is a ton of history here and it is interesting reading all about the famous prisoners throughout the years. Be sure not to miss the section on Bonnie and Clyde, arguably the most famous criminals of our time. 

Things to know:
-Admission is $7 for adults (less for children and seniors)
-Parking is FREE
-There is a beautiful memorial outside that shouldn't be missed
-There is a gift shop on site
-Renovations are currently taking place so call ahead 

Until the next adventure, 

Melanie ❤

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