Bill's Backyard Classics - Amarillo, Texas

April 5, 2019

The last stop on our Amarillo vacation was actually not on the bucket list. For every trip I plan out I have several bucket list places and a few extras for if we have time or if one of the bucket list items is for whatever reason closed. This place was on the extras list and since we had time for one more attraction in Amarillo I let my dad choose and this was his choice. No big shocker there considering he's a classic car enthusiast! I honestly didn't think I was going to enjoy it but I was wrong.

Bill's Backyard Classics all started with one mans passion for classic cars and the desire to bring more family friendly entertainment to the area. Bill Pratt sold his successful business in 2012 and began looking for classic cars to buy. What was originally meant to be the purchase of just one or two cars has grown to a collection of over 90 fully restored classic cars all in mint condition! They have cars from as far back as the 1920s, military vehicles, and of course classic muscle cars. All these cars are housed in 2 buildings and you can see them all for a small entrance fee. 

When Dad and I drove up to the entrance I could already see the excitement on his face and the anticipation of taking a trip down memory lane (with the 1950s and 1960s cars especially). There was a really unique looking truck in the parking lot that resembled one of the vehicles from the Disney cartoon Cars. I was super excited! After taking several pictures with the really awesome truck we walked inside and were amazed at how many cars were parked under one roof! The tour guide informed us that they don't give tours if it's less than an hour until closing (it was 45 minutes before closing) BUT he went ahead and gave us a tour anyway. After seeing all the cars in the first building we were told there was a second building and this one was a lot bigger than the first. So many beautiful cars to see and photograph....all in 45 minutes. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable but my dad knew things he didn't which was really funny but at least now the tour guide has new information to share with future visitors. 

If you are ever in the Amarillo area and are a classic car enthusiast then this place is definitely worth a stop. It was really interesting learning the history of how the place got started and to hear cool information about the cars that I never knew. At the end of the tour there is also a bench which looks like the tail end of a classic car. Perfect photo opportunity! And you better believe I took advantage of it. 

Things to know:
-Parking is FREE
-Admission is $10 for adults 12 years and up
-They have a collection of souvenir T shirts to buy
-Don't forget the photo opportunity at the end!
-Arrive more than an hour before closing to take the tour
-Take all the pictures you want BUT do not touch the cars!

Until the next adventure,

Melanie ❤

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