Cadillac Ranch Gift Shop - Amarillo, Texas

April 4, 2019 (Date I was Here)

Down the road from Cadillac Ranch is a little gift shop where you can purchase both Cadillac Ranch and Route 66 memorabilia. I wrote about this place separately because it is a unique attraction all on it's own. Dad and I didn't know it was there until we were leaving Cadillac Ranch and saw the huge cowboy and restored Cadillacs out front. Of course we had to stop and check it out.

After purchasing a few souvenirs from inside the gift shop we headed outside to get pictures with the huge cowboy. Talk about a unique photo opportunity! The cowboy statue is very large (I'm 5'3" and only came up to his knee) with the words 2nd amendment cowboy written across his chest. Behind him are 3 restored Cadillac's on ramps with dummies of famous people inside. Can you guess who they are? I'm so glad we stopped to get pictures. This was an attraction all on it's own and to us more interesting than Cadillac Ranch.

Things To Know:
- This attraction is FREE
- Unique photo opportunity
- Cadillac Ranch and Route 66 Souvenirs
- Must see attraction

Until the next adventure,

Melanie ❤

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