Big Texan Steak Ranch - Amarillo, Texas

April 4, 2019 

Another attraction on the list for my Amarillo trip is Big Texan Steak Ranch. Even though it's a restaurant it is one of the most popular places to visit in Amarillo. Have you heard about the 72 ounce steak challenge? If you can eat a 72 ounce steak dinner within one hour you get the meal for free along with the recognition of beating the challenge. If you want to give it a try or watch someone else attempt it then this is the place to go.

Opened in 1960 at its original location on Route 66 this restaurant attracted visitors from all over the country with its promise of great food and the chance to eat a free steak (if you win the challenge that is). The iconic long legged cowboy out front became a famous staple at the restaurant and is now recognized as the symbol of the Big Texan Restaurant. When Interstate 40 replaced route 66 in the 1970s a new building was purchased and the cowboy was brought from it's original location to the current one. You cannot drive down Interstate 40 either way without seeing signs for this restaurant so you definitely cannot miss it!

Dad and I were so excited to eat here and we were not disappointed. Neither of us wanted to try the steak challenge and unfortunately no one else was doing the challenge that day but we did get a smaller steak and it was delicious! Not only is the food amazing but the atmosphere here is so fun and lively. There are singers walking through the crowds and upon request (and a tip) will serenade you with any classic country song you want to hear. I'm not a huge fan of country music but I do love Johnny Cash so I had one of the men sing Ring of Fire for me. He did a really good job but he was not The Man in Black lol. 

After eating our meal we went to the gift shop inside the restaurant and got souvenirs then walked through the rest of the building and saw the bar in the back along with a really cool looking shooting gallery game as well as a huge chair for photo opportunities. We both took turns sitting in the chair for photos then went outside for more pictures of unique signs around the building. Such a great place for both food and entertainment. One more item off the bucket list 🗹

This is definitely a must for anyone visiting Amarillo. I will certainly stop to eat here again next time I'm passing through Amarillo. Maybe next time someone will be doing the steak challenge....

Things To Know:
- The food is moderately priced
- Right off Interstate 40
- Home of the 72 ounce steak challenge
- Gift shop inside

- Many photo opportunities
- Always tip the singers
- Must see attraction and restaurant

Until the next adventure,

Melanie ❤

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