Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Living The Travel Dream

Have you ever had a dream? I have....many of them. I've dreamed of becoming an actress, winning the lottery ( I think everyone's had that one ), and being a princess :) But, the dream that has always been first and foremost on my mind is traveling. I want to see EVERYTHING!!! I know that seeing literally everything the world has to offer is probably not going to happen seeing as I haven't won that lottery yet, but I made myself a vow that I would see as much as I can until I'm no longer on this Earth and I would share my travels and adventures with everyone I can. So, welcome to my blog....

Who am I? My name is Melanie Holmes and I live in the small town of Cleveland, Texas. I work for a major pharmaceutical company full time which helps fund my travels and of course pays the bills. I'm engaged to a wonderful man and have 4 future step children that I love with all my heart ( ages 17, 12, 10, and 2 ) I can't wait to take them on some of these adventures with me. I know they will have a blast!


How did I come up with my name? Well, in high school my girlfriends and I were always writing "our name" was here on everything we could. Back then it was cool to spell was "wuz" but I'm not 17 anymore ( and have become somewhat OCD in my older years LOL ) so I decided to spell it the correct way. So, everywhere I go from now on will be signed with Mel Was Here ;)

I've been many places in the past that I may talk about from time to time, but I really want to focus on current travels so I can give you up to date information about where I went and relevant tips on how to make the most of your next adventure. Since I'm not made of money and I have a full time job and children that require a lot of time and attention ( and money ), I won't be able to post all the time since I can't afford to quit my job and travel full time. I'm hoping for at least once a week but we'll see how things go. Who knows....maybe I'll win that lottery one day after all :)

Are you ready to go on adventures with me? Let's do this.....


                                                                                                                          Mel Was Here 

UPDATE: I am no longer in a relationship with the man pictured above! I tried to keep everything together for the sake of the children but he was extremely emotionally and mentally abusive and I had to get away. I am still going to travel and see everything I myself if I have to. But I have many friends who are supportive and one day I know I'll find that one man who will treat me the way a man is supposed to treat a woman and he will love to travel as much as I do. Until then I will continue to live this travel dream of mine alone. Thanks so much for following my blog :) 



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